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The University Institute of Technology (IUT) of Vannes is a component of University of South Brittany. It offers professional technological training at the Bac +3 level in management, commerce, computer science and data science.

All programs are taught in French. The level to access to our trainings is B2. Moreover, if you need,  Language Center of the University of South Britanny (CLUBS) offers french as a foreign language courses. These courses offer 2.5 ECTS.

Every year, the IUT Vannes welcomes international students in its four fields of training.

The UBS International Affairs Department is hosting them on the Tohannic campus. The International Relations Service of the IUT then took over to help them with their administrative procedures and facilitate their integration into the Vannes IUT. It is up to the students to find their accommodation before their arrival in France. Housing costs are at their expense.

In September 2023, new students from Benin, Congo, Senegal, Morocco, etc will arrive at the IUT.

On this occasion, the members of the Student Offices will be present to welcome them and establish the first contacts.

Dana Sahtout - International student at University Institute of Technology

1/ You come from one of these countries ?

Azerbaijan, Algeria, Argentina, Bahrain, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Comoros, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Ecuador, South Africa, Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, United StatesUnited States, Gabon, Georgia, Ghana, Guinea, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mali, Mauritius, Mauritania, Mexico, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Peru, Qatar, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, Russia, Senegal, Singapore, Taiwan, Chad, Thailand, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine :

  • You are in a foreign institution ?

Apply here : Campus France – « Etudes en France »

  • You are in a french institution ?

Apply here : Parcoursup platform

2/ You live in a country other than those mentioned ?

Apply here : Parcoursup platform

3/ Do you need more informations ?

Contact the International Affairs Department of University of South Brittany (UBS).

Students of Moroccan and Vietnamese nationality must apply via the ADIUT MAROC and ADIUT VIETNAM programme, a unique application procedure for the entire IUT network in France.

The IUT of Vannes has signed bilateral agreements with universities in Europe and can receive students from these institutions in their corresponding departments.

International students on exchange programmes are selected by the IUT of Vannes for one semester for the University Bachelor of Technology programme.

To apply, contact the international office in your university and contact the International Affairs Department of University of South Brittany (UBS).